Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feel Good Technology Stories

I like reading feel-good technology stories. They bring out the best of the geek in me. Here are three of my favorites from the last 48 hours:

Efficient Desalinization. MIT scientists developed a desalinization chip that could one day provide clean drinking water to remote villages with only a solar power source to drive them. Read the story at PopSci.

Privatized Space Flight for the Rest of Us. Well, for those of us who can afford the $200k ticket price (which, coincidentally, takes the 'me' out of 'us'). Virgin Galactic's Enterprise took its official maiden flight and landed safely. Besides looking fantastic, the space ship will one day ferry six passengers into space via a high altitude launch and rocket push. See pictures and story at Fast Company. Virgin apparently collected $45 million from 330 passengers booking flights so far.

iPhone Opera. This is more of a 'dare to dream' than a true feel-good technology story, but Opera submitted a version of its mini browser to the iPhone app store. If Apple allows the browser onto the platform, it will be a spark of hope for those of us who wish the platform was more open and competitive. Read the story at Read Write Web.

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